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Customized Festival Fabric Wristbands

Woven Wristbands + sublimated for Festivals & Music Events

Fabric festival wristbands are a hugely popular product that is both eco friendly and also very comfortable to wear. So much so that often people keep wearing the wristband for months after the event has taken place. This shows both the comfort and extreme durability that fabric wristbands offer. The woven production method means that the wristband can be worn for weeks, rather than a few days with some of our other products. Festival wristbands are waterproof and have a number of locking options meaning they can be removed and reapplied if necessary. Our customized festival wristbands are strong, secure and lightweight, perfect for multi-day events.

Festival wristbands are commonly thought of as the woven finish. We also offer sublimated fabric wristbands and these are often suggested when the design has intricate details or gradients of colour. Both methods are highly versatile and long lasting, offering endless design possibilities to ensure the wristband clearly shows the logo / text as required. Depending on the intended use of the wristband there are two popular types of lock mechanisms which offer either a non removable, tamperproof solution (ideal for Festivals and ticketed events for security reasons) or a removable solution (ideal for fundraising or as gifts). Customized Fabric wristbands are a longer lasting and more secure option to Tyvek bands and can be available approximately 2 weeks after an order is confirmed. Speak to us to see how Fabric wristbands can help with your festival or upcoming event. 

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