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Printed Nightclub Tyvek Event Wristbands

Customized Paper Wristbands ideal for Venues & ticketed Events

Nightclub wristbands, which are commonly referred to as paper wristbands, are the ideal product for nightclubs and ticketed events due to their flexibility and low cost. Our top quality wristbands are meant to aid security staff and help easily identify types of guests and their entitlement/s. The bands cannot be tampered with or removed once applied, ensuring the security of the event and peace of mind. We offer plain and printed Tyvek wristbands in 14 solid colours, with an additional 5 stripey variations, allowing for total flexibility in terms of colours for different benefits, staff, guestlist, birthdays and VIP’s.

These types of customized wristbands are so versatile that almost everyone has worn one of them recently, whether it be at a music event, in a VIP area at a nightclub, at a beach or on a boat! Our print process means that we can print a minimum of 50 units of any given design, with no upper limit. So whether you require just 200 units for a VIP area, or a much larger event with thousands of guests, our custom printed wristbands are a great way to control entrance and re-entry points as well as to identify persons easily.

Nobody likes queueing and as such we have made the application of our Tyvek wristbands very easy and fast. Simply remove the sticker at one end of the band to reveal an adhesive area, which is then wrapped around the users wrist and finally applied to the other end. The whole process takes less than 5 seconds and ensures a smooth entrance to any nightclub or venue. Print your  logo in full colour and include links to social media to build a following. Photos of most people on an night can include your advert on their wrist! As an additional service, QR codes and even barcodes can be added to the band.

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