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Cheap Customized Paper Wristbands in Ireland Plain + Printed Paper Wristbands

Paper wristbands are the cheapest and most popular product available on the market as they offer a secure and cost-effective entry management system for businesses and individuals. The product is made from a mixture of paper and Tyvek material which when combined brings about the strength and lightweight flexibility that the wristband offers. Once applied a paper wristband cannot be removed without showing clear signs of tampering meaning that the band cannot be transferred to third parties. The specifically designed adhesive area ensures that the band can only be used once and any attempt to reapply the band will not be successful.

Also known as Tyvek wristbands, they are an ideal short-term entry management solution used most commonly at one off events lasting 1-2 days. They are normally used to control access and entitlement to certain areas such as back stage access, VIP access, guest list, open bar, etc. Plain paper wristbands allow easy identification at events for security staff and organizers whilst also offering customization by adding printed details such as text and logos. Our interactive online designer encourages uses to create a unique wrist band design by choosing one of our 19 wristband colors and adding up to 2 lines of text in several fonts. For those wishing to add further customization, logos can be uploaded too and positioned together with text onto the printable area of the band.

In order to guarantee delivery of both plain and printed wristbands we hold over 1 million wristbands in stock at anytime. Selecting our express delivery service, orders placed before 12pm are normally delivered the next working day, ensuring that those customers on a tight deadline receive their bands before the event. As is very common with large scale events, if the number of attendees increases just before the scheduled date, we will be able to supply you with additional bands with 1-2 days production and delivery time. Minimum orders of 50 units are in place for paper wristbands, with the cost starting from €5 for 50 printed units and €2.50 for 50 plain units. We guarantee you the cheapest wristband prices in Ireland and the highest quality product in terms of strength and richness of color and supply 1-inch (25mm) Tyvek wristbands as standard. ¾ inch (19mm) are also available on request. To create your unique wristband design, click here and start adding text and logos as applicable. To order plain wristbands click here. Talk to us on live chat to find out how paper wristbands can work for your business or event.

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