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Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands in Ireland 
Plastic Wristbands ideal for Hotels + events

Vinyl wristbands are commonly referred to as plastic wristbands and can be found at various venues including hotels for their medium to long term guests. The product is extremely long lasting and made from highly durable material meaning it can be worn for up to four weeks. Custom printed plastic wristbands are 100% waterproof and the print remains intact even when exposed to water and direct sunlight. The wristbands are used by organisations and venues when the expected time to be worn is greater than 3 days and Tyvek is not enough. Customers can print logos and text onto the band and the product is popular with schools which print emergency contact details. Hotels use vinyl wristbands to distinguish a guests status such as bed and breakfast, full board, all-inclusive. The most popular types of custom printed vinyl wristbands are;

  • Regular L shaped is the standard vinyl wristband which is the most popular product. Available in over 20 colour options and is the most cost-effective product
  • Narrow vinyl wristbands are a slightly smaller version of the standard size. It is more comfortable when worn but offers a smaller printable area
  • Wide faced wristbands are larger than the standard size and offer a bigger printable area for additional lines of text or logos
  • Tabbed vinyl wristbands offer detachable tabs onto the standard L shaped size. These are often used as drink or food tokens with up to 7 tabs available

Custom printed vinyl wristbands come with a self-locking mechanism which is 100% tamper proof and ensures once the wristband is applied it cannot be transferred or removed. This brings peace of mind to the venue or organization that only those permitted entry with a wristband can attend and use the facilities. One standard size fits both adults and children and the wristband can be easily applied within seconds. Our artwork team will be able to work with you in creating and finalising your customised vinyl wristband design including text and logos. Smaller orders are normally produced within one week from confirmation, while larger orders take up to 2 weeks. Contact us on live chat or email for more information about how vinyl wristbands can work for your organisation or venue.

  • Minimum order 100 units
  • 1-2 week lead-time
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Nontransferable
  • Extremely durable
  • 4 wristband types available
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300 €160.00 €15
500 €260.00 €18
1,000 €320.00 €20
2,000 €430.00 €38
3,000 €550.00 €70
5,000 €750.00 €100
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